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​​​My name is Lilith

 you may refer to Me as Goddess, Mistress, Your Majesty, Your Highness, Your Holiness, Master, Lord, Empress, Queen, or King. ​

 Any other names, especially "pet names" (i.e. babe, dear, love, baby, sweetie, hun, etc.) will not be tolerated.  I am not your friend and certainly not your girlfriend so weither you are a true slave or just looking to fulfill a fetish or fantasy you must address Me with the up most respect. MAKE SURE YOU GO THROUGH MY ENTIRE WEBSITE BEFORE CONTACTING ME.  I do not like repeating information that could have been found on here.  If there are questions you have that have not been answered on here then you may ask them when you contact Me.​​

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​​I never became a Dominant.  I was born this way and take great pleasure in Dominating and controlling men.  I first became exposed to the professional aspect of it a couple years ago when one of My coworkers suggested that I get into it because he in fact wanted Me to session him.   It sparked an interest and I got a job at a private dungeon in Los Angeles. I have been independent for three years and am currently living in Mission Viejo.  I no longer have a private dungeon space due to My erratic travel schedule.  I host out of hotels in the following cities: Mission Viejo, Whittier, DTLA, Signal Hill/ Long Beach.  Outcall and dungeon rental is also an option.  I do charge a travel fee if I have to travel more than 20 miles from My current location.  you can find My full travel/ location list under the travel section.  I also accept appointments at  The Midnight Manor in San Diego.

I have a long list of interests that I enjoy and specialize in.  To view My full interest list click here.  Some of My most popular and favorite sessions include foot worship, toliet training, strap training, and sadistic play.  One of My favorite toys to use is My electro wand.  Most of My clients are male but I do accept and enjoy sessioning women as well. I love dressing up and have a wide variety of outfits.  Anything from latex to leather to thigh high boots or stilleto heels.  I have uniform outfits such as nurse, school girl, or nun.  I do accept outfit requests for an additional deposit of $50+ depending on the nature of the request.​​

​Gifts are not required but are an impressive way to show Me how devoted you are to Me.

​Professional Dominatrix​​

My Stats:

early twenties



Shoe Size:



Bust: 32  Waist: 24  Hips:  36​​

Cup Size: 


Hair Color: 




- Mission Viejo/ Orange County


- Downtown Los Angeles

- Signal Hill/ Long Beach

- The Midnight Manor  Miramar, San Diego, CA

-Click here to view My travel schedule