3/22-25 Austin, Texas  3/25-27 Dallas, Texas 

​Professional Dominatrix​​

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It does NOT matter what another Mistress is willing to do. 

I have NO interest in

​sexual acts, illegal acts, anything ending in -job, castration, negotiating prices, topping from the bottom, alcohol/drugs/smoking

(exception: tobacco smoke fetish)

Hard Limits


I have a large array of interests and have taken out the time to write them out and describe what they mean to Me.   I enjoy all of these activities and they please Me.  I am always seeking new ways to learn and perfect My craft.  I love a challenge and I am rarely surprised by a request.  I have heard nearly everything or a least a variation of it.   If yon't see what you're into you may contact Me and we can discuss it.

acts and is treated as if you are a different age
baby play

Puppy play: playful, walking, feeding, petting, cleaning of My feet, potty training
Dog Training: strict, commands, training, punishment for wrong behavior
Pony play: riding on back
pig: dirthy, filthy, pay pig, cash piggy, piggy bank

smothering is done full weight and fully clothed. I would love smothering you with My perfect ass until I have you tapping out and begging for air
NO unclothed, NO rimming, NO grabbing

role play, fantasy or real, threaten to tell, show pictures or videos to wife, girlfriend, boss, family, friends.

I know how badly you slaves want the chance to worship My perfect feet, legs, and ass. always clothed, non sexual meaning you will never be worshiping My breasts, pussy, or asshole.
Foot Fetish – Bare feet massages or worship, stockings, stinky or sweaty workout feet, toe sucking, licking, kissing, face fucking, foot gagging
Boot Worship – knee high or thigh high. leather or pvc. My boots could use good cleaning. Lick, kiss and clean them. (I love when you suck the heel)
Hosiery Fetish – thin stockings, fishnets, thigh highs, lace, sheer, skin color or black. I love watching you worship My perfect legs. you'll love the way they'll feel...in your hands...on your lips...smelling them.. And lets face it, I look amazing in stockings.
Glove Worship – Leather, lace, and satin
The closest you can get to worshipping My entire body is by a
Full body massage: legs, feet, back, shoulders, arms.
Shaving: My legs
Bathing: bikini, you would wash Me, legs, arms, back, feet, hands, chest

rope, hand cuffs, zipties, leather cuffs, duct tape, plastic wrap, mummification
Predicament: Western ties, the more you struggle the tighter it gets
Shibari: eastern, limited knowledge, japanesse body harness
Western: handcuffs, bikini, harness
Sensory deprivation
No suspension, limited knowledge

for pay-pigs, finslaves, and blackmail slaves I'll meet you in a public place. sometimes for coffee, drink, or a snack before hand. We'll visit a cash point (ATM) and you'll take out as much cash as you can and then hand it to me! (min $200 for meets)
-ATM muggings

Ball Busting
chastity: best if you have your own device. if you do have your own come wearing it!
Play Piercing
No Mercy
stretching: hand, weights, humbler

Cum eating instructions
forced cum eating
no mercy, forced

Best if you have your own device
Key holding: contact for details

single tail whips
paddles, straps
My palm
OTK spanking

Full transformation: wig, lingerie, heels, full makeup
forced feminzation: humiliation
french maid: maid outfit, strick cleaning, punishment if bad cleaning
sissy maid: maid outfit, cleaning
Sissy slut training: red lipstick, wig, thong, whore out fantasy, strap play, strap sucking, deep throat training

-voyeer (watch Me and My bull) (there will be no touching of him or I!)
-take Us out to dinner, etc.

Humiliation: Verbal

Sph: Size comparison

Limited, clothed, fullweight
breath play
NO unclothed, NO queeing

-Human Bank
-Human ATM
-Human Wallet
-cash point meets (min $200)c
-a minimum of 10%+ of total income should go to Me
-a man should hand over his cash without expectation of anything in return
-Financial Domination can be a way of life.
ultimite form of slavery

- boot worship
-Dirty feet
- gagging
- heel worship
- foot fetishists
- Foot slaves

- nylons
- heels

Body Worship
foot worship
financial domination

You're a loser and I'm here to remind you.I'll make you preform humiliating acts that I will watch and laugh at. Sometimes I might even invite my friends to watch or take you out for the world to see.
- verbal (cock sucker, slut, whore, sissy, ass slut...)
- edge play
- verbal abuse (useless, worthless, pathetic, stupid...)
-animal play
-cross dressing
-forced masterbation
-slave positions
-strap on training
-foor worship (goddess worship)
-lease and collar
- objectification

-Slapping -Whipping -Flogging -Paddeling -Crops

stop and go
faster slower
denial of releasing
releasing with permission only

-Latex worship -Leather boot worship

A fetish that I want to learn more about. I do not get many requests for this fetish but it is one I want to learn more about
I am experienced with: Sounds
check up
nurse role play
Needle play
electrical play
I have interest in but am not very experienced with
medical staples

By hand
binder clips

-no feelings
-no thoughts
- no decisions
-Door mat
-ash tray
-coffee table
-trash can
-foot stool

-Play parties
-multiple girl/Mistresses session
-mani pedi

pretty much not sadistic
age play
animal play
cross dressing
face sitting
financial domination
foot worship

Golden shower: consume or bath
edge play
Toliet training: objectification forced feeding scat Play scat fetish feeding smearing caviar and champagne degration roman showers

Smoking fetish
smoke fetish
human ashtray, objectification
cigarette tourture

-seravnt training -military -royal servant -house boy -cleaining/ maid -slave positions

-OTK (Over The Knee) -Paddeling -Bare hands -Spanking with feet

-Small Penis Humiliation
-I'll make fun of your dick size

-useless, worthless, pathetic, stupid, loser, beneath, dick is too small...etc. -findom -racial slurs -sph

edge play
cock sucker, slut, whore, sissy, ass slut, wanker, bad boy, naugty, dirty, filthy, cum bucket, cum eater, bitch...etc