​I really shouldn't have to tell you this but it happens all the time.  Whenever sending money over a cash site BE DISCRETE! Do Not put for session, for Goddess, for playtime, even deposit. None of it...put food, rent, gift, "for you".  Its really not that hard of a concept.

Google Wallet: goddesslilith666@gmail.com

Paypal: goddesslilith666@gmail.com

Bitcoin: 1EzL8YT8jc7j5tZejyRzGbJsTmKV7vthgf

Gift Rocket: goddesslilith666@gmail.com  

Amazon Gift Card: goddesslilith666@gmail.com

cash method is to go to a drug or grocery store and purchase an Amazon gift card in person with cash then scratch off the "claim code" area on the back of the card and send me those numbers through text


drop cash off in person.  I have many clients come visit Me when I'm bartending to meet Me and drop off deposits.  See My calendar to see when I'm working.​​

Ways To Deposit


you must know that I am a true Goddess.  I am worshiped and have followers all over the world.  Now why don't you make yourself useful and become a servant of mine.  Listed below are various ways to serve Me.  

I offer in person and online sessions which work great for someone who cannot commit to serving Me all the time.  For those who want to tribute their hard earnings so that I can make a better use of them, tribute here or own a bill below.  For those who are looking at the potential of being owned and want to serve Me on a more regular basis see below.​

​Contact now with a list of ways you may make My life easier!

​ex. maid, groceries, errands, shopping, receipt payer, chef, chauffer, masseuse.

rates defer depending on specific requests.

off menu requests 50+ 

inquire for more info

outfit requests 50+

if you're going to tell Me what to wear you're going to pay for it!

lingerie/bikini 75+ 

*exception: T & D sessions or lingerie fetish but I will be picking the outfit!

outcalls 25+ 

depending on location and time

late night 25+ 

depending on time and notice

extended sessions
6 hours 1575
8 hours 2075
10 hours 2550

​12 hours 3000

Can't serve Me in person? click here for My online session rates!


I operate strictly by appointment. If you are a new client I require a deposit of at least $50 depending on the circumstances.  Deposits are applied towards the total session cost.

you may send Google Wallet, Gift Rocket, Bitcoin or Amazon to goddesslilith666@gmail.com 

 (I CANNOT stress this enough. BE DISCRETE when sending deposits.  Do NOT put deposit, for session, for goddess, etc...put A GIFT, FOOD, DINNER, RENT ETC.....)  

For more info regarding deposits and cancellations scroll to the bottom of this page. 

PayPal (friends and family) is also allowed but an unpreferred method.

​​Incall Session Rates​

*Tips and gifts are greatly appreciated and are the best way to show your Goddess that you enjoyed your time spent with Her*

1 hour 325
1.5 hours 475
2 hours 600
3 hours 825

​4 hours 1075


Personal slaves

In Person Consultations

are available to further discuss session details/interests and serve as a pre-meeting in order to test O/our compatibility.  Typically consultations take place at a coffee shop, restaurant, or something similar.  My rate is 100/hour plus the cost of My drink(s) and/or food.

​Professional Dominatrix​​

Call GoddessLilith666 for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

all day sessions
15 hours 3600
18 hours 4200
21 hours 4800
24 hours 5400

​In person session cancellations require a minimum of 24 hour notice. I put a lot of effort in arrange My schedule around our session.  Proper cancellation notice is required.  If cancellation is not met properly then the next time you arrange a session I will require the session cost in full upfront.  The same applies for a No Show.​